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POAMO is a musical ensemble that interprets, composes and arranges devotional, profound and sensitive music for introspection. It aims to inspire people to look inward, recognize, embrace and discover themselves. It incites the cultivation of conscience and promotes well-being and harmony.

Integrating sounds that go from sweet and delicate to firm and decisive, POAMO proposes with its music, a way of accompanying life in its multiple manifestations.

Through the combination of instruments such as voice, Celtic harp, guitar, Pythagorean harp, ancestral flutes, bells, cymbals, quartz and/or metal bowls, box drum, African calabash, pots and other percussions, POAMO creates sound spaces propitious for relaxation, meditation, reflection, introspection, spiritual communion and sacred

The term POAMO comes from POHÁ-MO. This word arises from Tubú Hummurimasá, a native community located in the Colombian rain forest. It means the CENTER  and ORIGIN of family, society, and life. The term stands for one of the nine roles that men and women fulfill in this culture, one that receives the advice that comes from the drink of knowledge.

This is why we decided to name us POAMO, because our mission as medicine musicians and members of the human family, is to help recover and maintain the memory of our origin and purpose on Earth. Through our music, we keep alive and expand this memory in our heart and in those who listen to us.


Gabriela Rosales Calderón and Rodrigo David Pérez Vega.

Instrumentation: vocals / Celtic harp / guitar / quartz and metal bowls / Pythagorean harp
/ flutes / jarana / percussions.

Note: in some of our live performances we have guest musicians who enrich the atmospheres and integrate all the instruments.


whats 55 45 57 00 67  -  777 258 19 33


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