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Rodrigo David Pérez Vega

Rodrigo David Pérez Vega is a talented Mexican singer-songwriter, whose professional experience allows him to use music as a means to express his spirit in a unique way as a soloist and facilitator of individual and group therapeutic processes.
His extensive musical experience has led him to sublimely interpret a wide range of instruments such as voice, four string Venezuelan guitar, Spanish guitar, vihuela, zampoña, jarana, requinto Jarocho guitar, Pythagorean harp and sansula amongst others.

 He was born in Mexico City in 1973.
His training as a musician and actor has been mainly self-taught.

* Since 1999 he teaches music workshops from elementary school to high-school, as well as for adults in private sessions.

* Between 2003 and 2005 he was part of "Chachamulatos", a Latin-American music ensemble that presented in a diverse array of forums from public squares, schools, and penitentiaries in different counties of Jalisco state in Mexico.

* During 2011 and 2012 he was part of "Moyolo", a musical collective specialized in Jarocho music. The band recorded the album "¿De Dónde Son?"and was awarded a State Council for Culture and the Arts (CECA) grant which allowed the group to perform in Chapala, Ixtlahuacan, Ajijic, Jocotepec and Guadalajara, in Jalisco state, in Mexico.

* During 2012 and 2013 he was part of "Cara de Pato", a Jarocho music and clown performance group, as well as of "Culebra de Agua", also a Jarocho music group. He toured with the latest around Patagonia, in Argentina.

* Between 2014 and 2016 he was part of "Ahora Son", a Jarocho and Afro-Latin American music ensemble with which he recorded the first album of the ensemble, performing in different stages of the state of Morelos, in Mexico. Since those years, he has participated
with different son Jarocho groups, playing throughout the country, in Veracruz, Nayarit, State of Mexico, Mexico City and Guerrero.

* Since 2014 he participates in the storytelling project "Tren de Juguete" as an actor and musician.

Punto pho-7197.jpg

* In 2016 he recorded a new son Jarocho album with "Culebra de Agua" and that same year he founded, together with Gabriela Rosales Calderón, ORALE &PUNTO, a recording label aimed to promote and produce their musical projects.

* Since 2017, he started his training as an art therapist and artistic mediator with the First International Center for Multidisciplinary Training in Art Therapy in Mexico: CAE- Consciousness and Performing Arts, in Puebla.

* In 2018, together with Gabriela Rosales Calderón, he created “POAMO”, a devotional musical duet dedicated to interpreting sublime music for the spirit.

* In 2019 he recorded “POAMO”´s first album, “AHIMSA”, a compilation of mantras from India and Tibet.

* He is currently dedicated to the composition, arrangement, and interpretation of medicinal music with “POAMO” as well as children`s music with his song-storytelling project "Trapitos al Sol".

He teaches Artistic Mediation workshops, facilitating group and
individual therapeutic processes.

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