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Experience the profound power of Hindu and Tibetan mantras, through this sublime journey in search of peace, with the music of POAMO.


Ahimsa is a Sanskrit term that advocates nonviolence and congruence between our words and actions. This album is a sign of our deep gratitude to the Creative Source for the life we ​​experience and the wisdom of the ancestral cultures that remind us how to live in harmony. It is also our way of praying so that as humans we can remember how to love, care for and respect ourselves, our Mother Earth, nature, and each and every one of our relationships; a way to cultivate true peace amongst all beings.


The great religions of India share the notion that the universe has its origin in sound. The creation of the universe is sound or vibration, and this

primordial sound is what literally gives birth to the worlds and material bodies we experience.


"The mantra is the divinity, it is the divine power that manifests itself in a sound. The constant repetition of the mantra with faith, devotion and purity, increases Shakti, the energy of the aspirant, purifying and awakening the mantra-chaitanya latent in the mantra by granting enlightenment, liberation, peace, eternal bliss. and immortality."

Sri Swami Sivananda Maharaj

Experimenta el profundo poder de mantras Hindúes y Tibetanos, a través de esta sublime travesía en búsqueda de la paz con la música de POAMO. 

released June 14, 2019 

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